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Scorpionicus Home Page

scorpion drawing Welcome to my web site! This is the place where I will hold forth on whatever seems to interest me. Some of what I am putting here is just intended to entertain you and other things perhaps, maybe, make you think a little. Some of the content I put on here will be things I have put on other sites and some will be stuff that I have written specifically for this site and which you will only find here. You can also read my new blog.

In addition to writing I am also a software developer and user interface designer. I will be using this site from time to time as a test bed to test some of my web design ideas. If you find that I have done something that doesn't seem to work, please use one of the feedback forms scattered around the site to let me know about it.

One result of my using this site for software experimentation is that you will see things changing here from time to time. When I think of a new web gadget to write I will put it on here to test it. If you're visiting the site and see something new I hope you will help me by trying it out and letting me know how well it works for you.

I have been interested in writing for quite a long time and several of my stories were started several years ago. Sometimes I work on writing for several days straight and then I take some time off from that and work on something else. Then when the mood for writing returns I come back to it and resume where I left off.

Usually I write a story in the same way that I write a computer program, which is mostly by accretion. I start out with something small and then add on to it over time. This has the advantage of keeping thing pretty stable over time without having to develop some sort of elaborate plan first. Whenever I go back to writing on a story most of the new content is just appended onto the end of what was there before. A story ends when there is nothing more in my mind to add to it.

I have posted a few videos that show you a little of what I like in the way of movies and video. I don't host them from here, they are some interesting things I found on the web that I wanted to share with my readers.


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